Journey. #FrankAndOak #MileEnd

Journey. #FrankAndOak #MileEnd

'Moderat - Milk'. Throb.

Tags: Moderat Milk II

'Christ. - Balaam'. Road trip tomorrow. Going to Magnetawan.

'Amen Dunes - Splits Are Parted'. Take your time.

'Candy Claws - Transitional Girl (Clever Bird)'. In nature.

'Chad VanGaalen - Wing Finger'. In the wild.

'Pantha du Prince - Abglanz'. Tick tock.

'Wild Nothing - This Chain Won't Break'. Moon.

'Tamaryn - Heavenly Bodies'. All of a sudden it's the morning.

'Peaking Lights - Dream Beat'. Always with the dreams.

'Portishead - Glory Box'. I'm sleepy.

'Radiohead - Backdrifts. (Honeymoon is Over.)'. Processing.